Monday, March 21, 2011

A Valentine's Dinner

This past Valentine's Day Julie and Sophia along with Jorgie created an amazing evening for the family...

Watch the video of all the little details that went into this very special dinner!

Hope you Enjoy!
Here are some pictures for a closer look...

We hung flower vines throughout the house...

and of course our PINK boas....we love much FUN!!!!

These yarn hearts were created by Julie & Jorgie...
instructions on how to make them will come later...

All the adults had treat bags that were personalized with sticky foam letters...very easy and fun!!!

We made menu cards and all...

and of course had to reference "How to be a Lady" when it came time to setting the table...we wanted everything to be just PERFECT!!!!

If we can do it....YOU can do it!!!

Have fun planning your next DELIGHTFUL affair!

xoxo, Julie & Sophia

Important Dog Walking Facts...

Julie & Sophia's

Sophie has had an adorable chocolate Lab for the past year or so....he is just beautiful and Julie just got her new little puppy a month ago...Both girls are very excited to have their pets and wanted to share some important facts about walking dogs that they have found useful...

from the minds of two adorable young girls...


A Simple Valentine's Centerpiece

This is their first video...

if they can do it...YOU can do it! :)

These girls are just too cute....Julie and Sophia have decided to follow in their mom's/aunt's footsteps and create simple crafts and decorations....They think they are going to be the next BIG Disney stars....I just think it's adorable...and the best part about it - I get to spend quality time with my two favorite girls in the whole wide world:) They have seen all the things I do for our celebrations and lately the whole thing with the could imagine how I must be driving everyone crazy....

I guess they got tired of me asking them to do all the manual labor whenever I was getting ready for a party and they decided they wanted to be the girls with the idea...I have a feeling my poor son, Jorgie is going to get the short end of the stick and will be the one doing all the work-while they get all the glamour...:)

Interview with Julie and Sophia:

Delightful Events: "So girls, I saw your video on how to make a Valentine's centerpiece and I must say that it was very nice!

Julie & Sophia: "Thank you so much" (at the same time)

Sophia: "I learn from my Tia...she is an artist!"

Julie: "Yes, my mom is very creative..."

Delightful Events: "Thank you girls...xoxo"

Delightful Events: "How did you come up with this idea?"

Julie: "Well, we want to be famous..."

Sophia: "Yeah, you Selena Gomez, the iCarly girls..."

Julie: "Hannah Montana..."

Delightful Events: "Do you think it's going to be easy?"

Sophia: "NO!, you have to work least that is what my daddy tells me all the time"

Julie: "You mommy & my daddy say that all the time also...blah, blah, blah..."

Sophia: "I know..."

Delightful Events: "Well girls, I have to CONGRATULATE you on a wonderful were very professional and the centerpiece came out great!"

Julie & Sophia: "Thank you..and remember if WE CAN DO IT...YOU CAN DO IT!...stay tuned for our next INCREDIBLE IDEA!"